The Angel Workshop is half a day long. In this workshop you will learn the use of the Tiffany Technique.

When you arrive you start choosing the glass you wish to use from different coloured pre-cut pieces. You can make several Angels, or you can combine random pieces in such a way to make a design of your choice. We have had people making birds, boats, butterflies and dragonflies.

Halfway through the workshop we have coffee or tea and some cake, before going back to the class. The edges of the glass are polished to remove the razor sharp edges which is required for the next step and also makes it safer to work with the glass. After we attach copper foil around the edges of the glass which creates a surface that the solder will stick to. The final step is to use the soldering iron and solder to attach the glass pieces together.

All these steps are relatively easy and mean you will be able to complete more than one piece of glass. Anything you complete in the workshop is yours to take home. This is a fun workshop which can accommodate up to 6 people.

Angel Workshops

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